Get to Know Us

We are a rocking bunch of video and photography geeks with lots of skill and little time to burn

Twisted Arch Productions

At Twisted Arch Productions we are always looking for the next great film or video to shoot. We have been building and workign on video for years and love the artistic medium it is. We love sharing our work with the world and using our talents to help promote or build up someone else's vision, dream, or business. Most people don't realize how prevelant video is in today's world and many small business don't realize that Youtube is now one of the #1 used search engines for people looking for products, planning trips, or finding reviews on a restraunt. Video and the access to it now on mobile devices has changed the way that consumers are shopping. With the right video marketing strategy we can help you shoot and produce the video content that will drive customers to your location whether online or in person. Our video's can also help promote your brand through content marketing and brand awareness and showcase the type of company you are.

Working with Twisted Arch Productions

We would love the opportunity to work with you, your company, your brand or your family outing. Anything we can do to use video to help promote and advertise your events and products is what we are here for. Contact us and let's discuss your ideas.

Meet Our Team

Brett Saunders

Brett has been taking photos for several years and flying unmanned ariel photo platforms for about as long. Brett has slowly graduated himself up from flying small aircraft to now running production quality rigs and having the footage used for various projects.

Jared Hillhouse

Jared has been shooting and editing action video for serveral years and has been editing any type of video he can get his hands on for people for over 25 years.